STEPCONE 2017 National Level Student Technical Paper & Project Contest and Exhibition january 27-29

Technical Paper Presentations

This provides a platform to showcase the research or study of various domains of engineering that have advanced in the recent past. This is a platform for all the ingenious minds out there to showcase their intense knowledge and communicative skills to the audience in an intriguing manner through an oral presentation using means such as slides, graphs etc.

Technical Workshops

This provides a diversified learning experience under the guidance of eminent technocrats about the new aspects of technologies which are trending in the present era snd enables the students to actually implement the concepts that they have learnt during the workshop in nurturing their skills in that particular field of study.


These are the Best ever events introduced to the stepcone 2017 intended to develop the creativity,entrepreneurship and technical knowledge of the students.

Technical Events

Not only bookish knowledge is sufficient for a student to succeed unless he is in a state to apply them.To make the learning more funny and interesting get into these events.

Spot Events

These events not only help an individual to learn something managerial but also to enhance their interpersonal skills.


Tired with technical stuff. Sink in euphoria with our culturals.